Someone once said to me, “Everyone is an artist.”

I agree.

Everyone has the power to create something beautiful and  I’ve always wanted to be a GREAT artist.
I believe a great artist has the certitude to believe in magic.

I am constantly chasing the fireworks. I will never say ‘TAHHHH DAHHHH!!!,’ without a piece having that special “spark.” It is AMAZING seeing something that I’ve drawn in a sketchbook, then come to life through branding, print, packaging etc. It is AMAZING to have a client verbally tell me a brief vision, and then excel their dream(s) and/or expectations through my creations. I strive to make an impact through creative, memorable work and to [override] visual problems. The true magic is in the creation process, and sometimes it’s in the imperfections.

If there’s anything that I’ve learned through my career thus far, it’s that to be GREAT, you have to be BRAVE. Not everyone will like your work, but you still have to have the courage to share your work, express yourself, and take any opportunity that comes your way. The more experience you have, the more fireworks you will create :] Rejection has allowed so much space for me to grow and to become a better artist. I love my career for the constant challenges, aesthetics, magic, and the feeling of purpose! There is nothing in the WHOLE universe I’d rather do!!

Strengths: solving visual problems / creature of habit / detail-oriented / imaginative / relentless/ observant / ambitious /
Weakness: I am a perfectionist when it comes to designing for myself. The hardest obstacle of my career has been personal branding.